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What Karl Popper taught
November 03, 2014

I am revealing my age by even speaking of Karl Popper – but forty years ago his work was very fashionable. He was, inter alia, a philosopher of science and the insight I recall from that time seems so unremarkable – yet it is quite profound.

It was that all conclusions or theories that are derived from the scientific method must be falsifiable or refutable. That nothing can be said with complete certainty and hence is provisional, until disproved or superseded.

This is my question for you. When you ponder what you believe and hold to be true, how easy do you find it to hold that belief as merely provisional and hence open to be falsified? And if that is too hard, can you at the every least, view it as able to be modified and developed and hence be improved by your experience?

My guess is that this will be a very small list – it is for me.

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