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What a Surprise
August 01, 2016

I have begun to read Ivan Tyrell’s autobiography Listening to Indries Shah. Ivan is one of the founders of the Human Givens and I and many others owe him an enormous debt. And HG has always contained a strong undercurrent of Sufi thinking – so all of us have been listening to Indries Shah.

And Shah is suffusing this book. So right at the beginning, Ivan quotes Shah “We only learn something new when our expectations are not fulfilled.” That we have to break our habitual ways of thinking and doing and it is the interruptions by the unexpected that counts so much of the time.

This is worth pondering and I invite you to do just that - as the unexpected plays a much bigger part in our daily lives if we are open to noticing it.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    Some say that the cause of all sorrow is religion and they were very nearly right except they did not see the entire story. Every human being has a religion. Some are Christians, some Muslims, the ego of self righteousness and being self opinionated are also a religion. It is all just a form that body consciousness takes. As the song goes 'in their eyes its nation against nation against nation they shun the light, they think their right living in their empty shells.’ God does not have any bodily religion. He does not even have a body therefore the ego of opinions never moulds him. When self righteousness takes over us we may be right but the self is not right, so no one listens. When God shares truth his right self only exists. No arrogance can hide away behind that which is shared with us. With humans they feel something is 100% correct but a high horse manifests out of nowhere for them to ride. We did not choose the religion of the ego, it chose us when it saw us identifying ourselves with the body. The rest was easy....

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

best wishes

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