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Planning to be Good
April 02, 2013

I came across this quote by T.S Eliot (in the Spectator Coffee House Blog). He spoke of the folly of trying to ‘Devise systems so perfect, that nobody will need to be good’. Is this why the NHS is failing so badly...and so much else I wonder?

It is about always looking for excuses (in ourselves first of all and then logically in others also) - so that we never have to take responsibility. Now it may well be that there is an explanation from our past and our genes that can explain all that we do and are - in which case we actually are not responsible for anything.

But to know this about ourselves will require that we will always be seduced into believing that a system exists that can protect us from everyone, including ourselves. This then means we will believe any snake oil salesman (ie politician) who promises us that he can give us this. Not only does that lead to where the NHS is right now, it also explains the looming catastrophe of the state regulation of the press. And Cyprus banks. And most else.

We need to live our lives individually and collectively on the assumption that we are responsible even if it is not actually so.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
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