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Learning by doing
December 02, 2013

We learn by experiencing it and not by reading books or attending lectures or listening to what our friends, enemies or the media are saying. I think a lot of us would understand what was being said here. So, I would bet that any deep understandings that we might believe we have now (or maybe provisional understandings or well constructed prejudices might be better ways to put it) have come from living through something rather than reading or hearing of it.

But surely that is too simple and obvious. The key is to understand how we embed our learnings – so that they become real to us and so part of us. That will inevitably take time and require that an idea is placed there in the first place. And those ideas can come from many sources (including books and lectures), that all will have an emotion attached to them and then they embed over time as we work with them and experience them in our interactions in the world we are creating for ourselves.

This embedding can be slow and imperceptible or involve big “light bulb” moments – and of course we will remember these. Can you remember any here and now?

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