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You disappoint me
June 02, 2014

Our lives are getting better and better by most of the measures that we have long believed were important – life expectancy, wealth and income, freedom from crime and war, arbitrary arrest and prejudice … and so on. Now whether this upward curve will continue is a harder question – but perhaps all through the past few hundred years, this question would have been equally hard to answer. And it is certainly true that as our levels of wealth increase, we have more and more of us whose livelihoods are to devote their time and effort to pointing out what is still deficient and scandalous about the society we have created.

I ascribe this in part as an indicator of our increasing affluence - that we can afford to employ so many critics of the system who are of course an integral part of it. But also, this surely reflects a much more powerful instinct in us all – to be disappointed. That it is this disappointment energy that fuels much of the improvement that we see. And that it is part of our nature to never really allow ourselves to appreciate this improvement.

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