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Practicing Attention
May 04, 2015

I am not talking here of the guards outside Buckingham Palace or anywhere else for that matter. No, I am talking of the capacity we have to give and receive attention – notably to the people we may come across in all aspects of our daily lives. Our friends and family of course but also work colleagues, where we play and meet and as we shop and do business. Everywhere in fact and this will now include online connections – Twitter, Facebook, Blogs – you name it.

Attention is essential for our human existence. Our interactions teach us what is appropriate and how we can develop and evolve. A wide attention circle is important for our emotional health. If our attention circle is too narrow – for example, only a small group of friends, just work colleagues or a few family members – then we will cease to evolve and indeed will tend to become mirrors of the group.

And at the extreme where no meaningful contact is taking place, we may feel that we are ceasing to exist. We are like a star far out in space – unknown and unseen and long forgotten – where the signals we send out are unheard and unseen and are never reflected back to us.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson

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Make your Life a "Work of Art"
by Sophia Yasmeen

    Every thought we think and every action that we take is like a brush stroke on the canvas of our life. Michelangelo said "David was already there in the block of marble before I started carving. All I did was to chip away the marble that was imprisoning the sculpture allowing David to be born." So it is with our own life. When I step beyond my mind and ego and make myself available to the energy of success, an idea gets hold of me and I feel compelled to let that impulse or energy carrry me along. I get to a point where I realise that I am no longer in charge, that there is a divine force inside me working through.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I will be sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newletter over the coming months. Enjoy.

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