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Getting off the superhighway
February 03, 2014

I had occasion to talk about habits this week and how it is often important to break them. So often, the habit just creeps up, gets stronger and stronger and indeed can then appear irresistible – becoming part of the furniture if you like. And I am talking of all of those subtle, unobtrusive habits - the way we deal with problems and the speed with which we live our lives and process what turns up and so on.

I used the metaphor of a fast motorway (or autobahn). The invitation for speed seems irresistible. Afterall we will get to our destination so much more quickly. Unless of course it is not really where we want to go – and that if we did take more time, then we might notice that the turn-offs from the highway might take us to much more interesting places.

All paths get worn and wider and wider and then it becomes easier just to stay on them, rather than move off into a virgin grass green direction. So much so, that they eventually become super highways. But if we did travel more slowly and move off travelling on the superhighways, then eventfully grass would appear through the tarmac and after a further time, the highway would cease to be any different from the green meadow all around.

Think of what has happened to all those Beeching cuts – to mix my metaphors beyond all decency and to reveal my vast age.

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