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How curious are you?
March 03, 2014

Curiosity is thought of as a virtue and indeed in many cases it is – as it opens us to new possibilities, new experiences and new understandings. And all of this will be from the profound (or is it prosaic) realisation that our understandings are always partial and limited. Curiosity also opens us to the possibility of seeing the bigger picture – of connecting up what we find when curious to what we already “know”. Yes there is no doubt about it - I am a big fan of being curious.

But this is only the case if curiosity does not transmute into indecision. That curiosity does not become part of our armory of inaction and stuckness. In pondering this, I have realised that healthy curiosity has to be undertaken while calm. And further, that it is best undertaken as the response to the consequences of acting rather than as the prelude.

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