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Living with Dissatisfaction
November 04, 2013

In preparation for my first Wellbeing workshop, I began to consider what I thought maybe some of our most important emotional templates (if you can bear that world) – emotional responses that we all have but which perhaps we don’t understand and make the best use of.

We know of fear and anger – mirror opposites that will unconsciously force us away from and towards a threat. But what of others - such as dissatisfaction? By which I mean a sense of unease or modest discomfort – something which we may find it hard to put our finger on. And what of the why of it, the how of it and whether we welcome it or not and what we might do about it?

For dissatisfaction is very important as without it, why would we want to change anything? It can be used in the service of our imagination and determination to find a better way or can be used as an excuse for addictive behaviour. It can be used as an opportunity to take responsibility or to relieve ourselves of responsibility. It can be the vehicle for us to understand more deeply what might be going on or to relapse into greater ignorance.

It goes without saying that all the readers of the newsletter (and the author of course) will be able to answer these questions in the right way. Or will we?

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