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Practicing Gratitude
April 04, 2016

Just be still for a moment and let your mind go to something that you realise it is something that you could if you tried be really appreciative of – grateful in fact.

It might be someone you are close to (even if at times they are not always a source of unalloyed joy) or something you enjoyed that day or that you might have enjoyed as you look back on it or a possession or a capacity you have, even if it is something as unappreciated as your sense of humour or your ability to speak or to move. The possibilities are endless and boundless.

And that is the point of course. The scope for practicing gratitude is endless and boundless. Try it for yourself and see what you find.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    Being a peaceful soul nurtures the greatness of humility. People age quickly due to inner turmoil. When thoughts , words and actions hold no resistance the self is said to be a peaceful self. When actions are not pulling or pushing you. When have to , must do , should do , should have done , could have done , shouldn't have done are being recognised by the self .....the self can be truly peaceful. All resistance is being removed from your peaceless world when you recognise much the self is under the burden of the influence of action and the words spoken to others. When the soul carries it's form of light into words and actions the actions become full of light. Existing stops and living begins. Blaming the self for not making enough effort is also an unnecessary form of resistance that is all MAYA (vice). First you will blame the self for something then blame the self for blaming the self. When all forms of resistance are being removed from the life the soul stops fighting with its role. What others do or say has no bearing on your own state of being and the greatness of humility flows through the soul.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

best wishes

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