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New Year Resolutions - firing up the engine
January 05, 2015

It is that time of year again – for resolutions and promises. I am going to stop smoking, lose weight, get fit, climb high, stop falling. So what wisdom can I share? What do I know will work?

My first pearl is to that you prepare the ground by focusing on your strengths and what you discover about yourself that you could use. I am talking of any and all strengths, wherever you have to look. Most of us are too easily distracted by a focus on failure and our all too familiar deficiencies. This will be especially so when we contemplate what seems to be a very tricky New Year resolution.

What have been your successes over the past year? And why were they successful? What did you have or do to bring them about? Really think about this. And what have you come to rely about yourself? When are you determined? What do your friends like about you?

This kind of focus will be priming you for success now. It is not just the specifics that you discover but also about giving attention to what will propel you towards success.

Language is so important. For example, you should never ask a small child who is carrying a tray of drinks “to be careful and not drop the tray” For she will focus on dropping the tray. Instead say “how well you are holding the tray steady” The holding steady will be what the unconscious remembers.

Ask yourself what you will be enjoying, when you have lost two dress sizes or saved a fortune in cigarette money. These questions are pre-supposing success.

Finally, take pressure off yourself. It is not whether you make that transformation on the first of January but that when you make the change, it is real. And you will be relaxed about only making that change when you are really ready. Another presupposition.

best wishes

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