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Introducing the art and power of the Reframe
May 06, 2013

I have bought a fabulous book by one Olivia Fane. She calls it “the Conversations” – 66 reasons to start talking. In the book, Olivia picks 66 topics and starts talking about each and what she says is intelligent, perceptive, sceptical and at the end of the day relying on her own experience, or being a sceptic, what she believes might be her own experience. She writes beautifully and already, having read just four of her conversations (on democracy, on therapy, on snogging and on depression, on which I claim a modicum of specialist knowledge), I know that I am already a big fan.

Don’t be surprised if I share her wisdom with you from time to time in these pages (or even a lot of the time) – often to agree with her I am sure but sometimes to gently dissent and point another way. For “the Conversations” are about reframing. The openness to see from a different point of view and the realisation that where we each are now standing may not be the best place in which to park ourselves for the long haul.

I am reminded also of what Ivan Tyrell (one of the Human Givens founders) said on our two week residential course. It was that all good therapy was about reframing. And he is right and we are not just talking about therapy. We all can appreciate and feel differently as we process our daily experiences. The test should just be “is this reframe helping or hindering me live so my essential needs around emotional control, satisfying work and relationships are better met. It is that simple.

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