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Being authentically arrogant
April 07, 2014

A client came to me some months ago who used the word arrogant to describe himself. He then gave me chapter and verse as to why. And there were many good reasons. He was referring to his intellectual ability – noted by him from early days at school, via a double first at Cambridge to an extraordinary business career. He had proof beyond any doubt that he was exceptional – such that to be arrogant about it was entirely justified. And despite his great intellectual ability, he was no fool. He understood that intellect was by no means everything and in fact was not the most important thing.

I found myself increasing shocked and perplexed as he spoke and indeed a smidgeon envious also (as in my quiet moments I fancy myself as quite clever too). I also realised that arrogance, if it is not delusional and simply an unworkable defense mechanism against the disappointments of our lives, is never encouraged but maybe a powerful resource and gift.

So think for a moment of what you can be authentically arrogant about. And how might you use that?

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