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Decisive Action
December 07, 2015

When is it best to ponder and wait and cogitate and when is it better just to do something? Readers of his newsletter will know where I stand on this – it is definitely in the direction of taking action and so initiating movement. And the reason for that is simply to recognise that we humans are bodies and not just minds and that movement and action are essential for our survival.

But what if the action we take is harmful action – because it is addictive and impulsive and leads to something worse and not better? What then?

Well then it is better to do nothing and to wait and practice being calmer and the cultivation of a degree of patience. For if you can do that, then a decisive action will present itself to you. Even if this action will be a very small step indeed.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    The divinity within me is the deepest strength that I have. My life is not for taking praise and credit from others but forgiving. There is no such word as fortakeness...The word is forgiveness. When I perceive that someone has harmed me in some way...I fill myself up completely with God's love and abundance and it becomes easy for me to forgive. . understanding with love that this particular soul wouldn't have paved this way if he was happy. I give that one happiness. When the offence seems unforgivable...I remember the fullness of the heart that is close to God and draw myself closer to God and feel that my life is forgiving. When there is one who repeatedly has feelings of harm towards me. One whose anger frightens me...I employ Gods power to FACE. When that one is burning in the fire of hatred..I give the cool water of love to extinguish the fire. With humility the water of mercy cools his trouble of mind and his heart begins to melt. While sitting tight on the lap of baba challenges will pass by....terrible scenes will cross my eyes....mountain of sorrow may fall on my feet, bridges may collapse leaving no way to cross the violent waters of life. But as long as I keep my own fire of soul consiousness ignited. . I will be carried across in comfort. My life is for giving.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

best wishes

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