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Divine inspiration
July 07, 2014

The headline is a call to arms – to be divinely inspired. For that is possible for us all, every day of the year.

I talked last week of the instinct we all have to be moved by a connection to something more than the rational. So look at this list below – taken from Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness. These are the five human virtues that Seligman has identified in all traditions and teachings. And he subdivides these five further:

    Wisdom – curiosity, love of learning, judgement. ingenuity, emotional intelligence and perspective
    Courage – Valour, Perseverance, Integrity
    Humanity – Kindness, Loving
    Justice – Citizenship, Fairness, Leadership, Temperance, Self control. Prudence, Humility
    Transcendence – Gratitude, Hope, Spirituality, Forgiveness, Humour, Zest

I suggest you begin by focusing on the bold five. Just to see them there can inspire us to look for them in our everyday lives. For what you look for you will find.

best wishes

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