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A slow motion crash
January 07, 2013

I remember a car accident many years ago (not serious I’m glad to say) and as the car came towards me, time slowed right down. My senses were on high alert and I scanned and took in everything that was happening. I knew that this was a crisis and I was discounting nothing. I also realised as the crash unfolded that I did not have the time nor the capacity to do anything to avoid it.

Many of us have similar stories to tell.


My thought is that this is what is happening today. The banking crisis, already over five years old was severe and came after a long period of at least thirty years, when we had been cruising pretty steadily down the motorway. We know it is serious and we can read every day of debt and deficits, the young not getting jobs and the slow unraveling of health care. We see insanities and posturing in public policy and the private responses. The crash is coming and there is nothing we can do. And yes it could be serious.

Contrast the current slow motion crash with the previous economic and social crisis – of the 1970s. Then, unemployment and inflation went through the roof and strikes and other mayhem apparently arose from nowhere. But almost as quickly as it arose, it died away. And by the early 1980s, the flight path to the current crisis was set in motion.

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