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Gaming the Grand Illusion
February 09, 2015

Perhaps we are not free. That was the conclusion in last week’s newsletter – which caused a few raised eyebrows, as that notion appears to contradict much of what I write about and what I know to be necessary for our emotional health. Emotional health requires that we can quieten our emotions – so that we can hear them and not be overwhelmed. Then we can take action that is appropriate for our future wellbeing – whether this future is a minute away, an hour away or day or indeed a lifetime away. And surely that infers that we are regaining control and volition and so are free?

At the opposite extreme, we can all recognise when powerful emotions lead to thoughts and actions that take us away from a life that works. That is an existence where for all intents and purposes, we are not free. And then, as we become aware of this lack of freedom, we cannot but see ourselves as victims. And victimhood is a dangerous place to be.

So how do we square this circle? It is by cultivating the appearance of choice and volition in our daily lives. And we do this by being aware of when we appear to be making choices by listening to our emotions - and when we are not acting automatically, habitually and predictably.

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