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You better get used to it
June 09, 2014

Human Needs are very big for Human Givens – that we have nine emotional needs we are told and these must all be met in a balanced way for our emotional health - by our interaction with the environment. And that what we human beings do, every minute of the day (whether we realise it or not) is use our resources as best we can, so to get these needs met. And if we manage that reasonably well, then we will be emotionally healthy and if we don’t and if we just can’t seem to do it, however hard we try – well then…….

The point I want to make here is that our emotions are communicating to us continuously – to tell us how well we are doing. And if there is a problem, then our emotions will tell us pretty quickly. This is a guidance system – which if it is working well, will be guiding us to be taking the action we need to keep us on the path.

And of course these needs are not optional extras. We can’t turn off the emotions or ignore them. They are part of what and who we all are. So we had better get used to it and realise how little real freedom we have.

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