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Focus on Effects not Meaning
March 09, 2015

We have to make sense of what we hear, see and touch. Otherwise all there would be would be chaos – a jumble of mess, impressions and sense data that had no form or substance or organisation. And indeed for those in great mental distress, this is what life seems to be.

And so we look for meaning. This is unconscious and automatic and we must be grateful that we have refined this to such a fine art,

But there is a downside, That in our unconscious search for meaning we do not see what actually might be there.

And to see what might else be there and for which we might be able to create an altogether deeper meaning, we first have to observe. To see what are the effects and not the meaning.

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Andrew Richardson

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by Sophia Yasmeen

    A person of wisdom and spirituality has very beautiful manners that have grown from genuine respect and love for the whole of humanity. Manners in this sense have nothing to do with culture or education: it is simply a question of humility. When we are at the receiving end of such manners, we feel that some deeper part of us has been honoured. In fact, none of us deserves anything less.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I will be sharing her week in my Feelbetter Newletter over the coming months. Enjoy.

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