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Driven by more, not less
November 09, 2015

Is this something that we are all born with – a moral compass? And what do I mean by this? It is that we all have a deep sense of what is honest and honourable and right and this in turn reflects a deep appreciation of our connection and kinship with our fellow human beings.

Given this, I have one further observation. It is that for all of us, our moral compass is always battling against an equally powerful opposing instinct, which is to be able excuse ourselves and to be able to put our actions and thoughts into the best possible light. That our capacity and instinct for a moral compass is equivalent in power and potency to our capacity for hypocrisy and delusion.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    A person of wisdom and spirituality has very beautiful manners that have grown from genuine respect and love for the whole of humanity. Manners in this sense have nothing to do with culture or education: it is simply a question of humility. When we are at the receiving end of such manners, we feel that some deeper part of us has been honoured. In fact, none of us deserves anything less.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

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