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Part Animals
August 10, 2015

Not everyone likes parties. Maybe for some it is the loud music or loud words. Or we might always feel we are amongst strangers – whether that is real or imagined. And for some of us it will hard not to feel we are being judged in comparison to all the others … and found wanting of course. And who might be doing all of that judging I wonder? Everybody else who is at the party, or ourselves?

But we must never forget that we are all party animals. We all have to connect and be part of something more than ourselves. So if you are uncomfortable at parties, it can only mean one thing. You have not found the right kind of party for you.

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by Sophia Yasmeen

    I live inside you
    Deep inside your thoughts
    There is my home
    I have no name
    I have no shape
    Just a blank canvas
    Like the birds come in the spring
    And the stars come at night
    As the grape comes to the vine
    And sea to the tide
    I will rise in your thought
    And overflow with delight
    Let go of certainties and touch my spark
    Meadows in your mind will have golden wings and fly to the unknown
    We will travel in the world of your creation
    And your heart will sing and paint the beauty of a golden dusk, Boundaries will be broken
    No limit can be placed in your strength
    For I am your beloved
    I am creativity, I am imagination….

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

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