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February 10, 2014

I have a question that I have been pondering. Not that I have a clear cut answer – I doubt that there is one. It has in part been prompted by the revelations, lurid as well as shocking and heartbreaking, concerning the abuse of young people stretching back many years – by public figures (notably Savile of course) and by Catholic priests. We are concerned here with physical abuse. But what of the more subtle abuse of space that threatens our privacy? Where does that fit in?

Privacy is an essential human need argues the Human Givens. Now I would not see privacy as a need comparable to say relationships or satisfying work, as my needs pagoda shows. But for sure there are times in my therapy where this lack is the key factor in damaging a client’s capacity to live a life that works. And so maybe, a lack of privacy can be understood as an invasion – as an abuse if you like. And that as with physical invasion, it needs to be recognised by us all as very important for our emotional health.

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