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Being content – why it may not be perfect?
June 10, 2013

”But I am not content” was the plea at a session today. Which raises a good question - what does it mean to be content? And if the answer is that it is a mental state of beatific, balanced equilibrium and stability – then is it to be desired?

We need of course to be very careful what we wish for- especially if you consider what David Richo has to say (quoted on my Facebook page earlier in the week). He identifies The Five Things we cannot change as

  1. Everything changes and ends
  2. Things do not always go according to plan
  3. Life is not always fair
  4. Pain is part of Life
  5. People are not loyal and loving all the time

And clearly, if David is right (and who could deny that he is) then contentment might not only be hard to sustain but actually not very helpful – as contending with the these five requires a little grit and perturbance. And surely we need dissatisfaction and discontent. Otherwise why would we ever be curious or motivated enough to try anything new.

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