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Meaning what
March 10, 2014

I have bought the Exploring Consciousness online course, based on the latest ideas of Jo Griffin and Ivan Tyrell. You can view the details here.

I am of course sympathetic to these ideas (to put it mildly), especially as Griffin and Tyrell express it. What they are doing is drawing out the connections between the ideas of what it is to be human that animate Human Givens psychotherapy to the wider questions around consciousness, spirituality and meaning. Clearly if the psychotherapy makes so much sense and “works” as well as it does, then bigger questions should also be able to be understood from the same basic templates..

I am a sucker for all of this even as I appreciate that Griffin and Tyrell are not to everyone’s taste. They are cerebral and the connections are drawn from logic and reason though to be fair they also recount a story of man’s early history from many sources, including archeological and mystical.

So where is this leading, other than to excite some curiosity to look at the course yourself? It is to invite you to read this (taken from the course).

Meaning makes suffering tolerable and we find meaning in one or more of these three ways:

  • by being needed ourselves, and thereby serving others (as in raising a family, working in a team, running a business etc.);
  • by learning new mental or physical skills (as in travelling, exploration, learning a language, academic study, obtaining a profession, sport, craft, music, etc.);
  • by being connected in some way with philosophical, political, religious or spiritual ideas that are bigger than ourselves (as in a quest for truth, religious practices or pursuing a spiritual path of development).

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