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Be a fruit cake
November 10, 2014

What makes a good fruit cake? Well the recipe must be right. There needs to be a good selection of ingredients, with a balance and blend of contrast and complement. It also helps if you know that the recipe has been tested and indeed if you have tasted the result, when cooked by someone else.

The more you think about also, we can surely realise that the final cake will not always or even ever taste identically. The particular circumstances at that time will always have an influence. This reflects the variability that is a part of all human activity and I’m not just talking of the chef. There is also the person who is consuming the cake. Is there love and care and attention in happy abundance … or not?

So this mythical fruit cake is a wonderful metaphor for life and for our lives. Do you live a life of balance where the ingredients work? And is there a good spoonful of love and care and attention?

best wishes

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