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Comfortable in our Delusion
November 11, 2013

None of us can accept any truth at all – if only because there is no such thing. Truth implies a reality, where all can be processed and understood in a replicable manner and not simple interpreted. To hark back to Karl Popper, a truth can only even pretend to be a truth if it can be falsifiable or repeatable under different circumstances. I am talking in this highly elevated way simply to remind us all of the provisional and partial sense in which we deal with the world and react to it. So much so that is not all a delusion?

So the question to ask is not “is this true or is this right or is this just” but to have an awareness that means that you can instead answer yes to this kind of question “Am I comfortable with this and how long has this way of evaluating this truth comforted me, or is it challenging me yet again?” What you should be doing is noticing how easy or hard it is and how certain or provisional the truth appears, the harder you try.

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