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Welcoming the shocks and surprises of our life
March 11, 2013

For these few months, I am expanding on the twelve warning signs of Emotional Health that I listed in the 21st January newsletter.

These are the first seven and today I am looking at number seven

  1. Persistent presence of support networks
  2. Chronic positive expectations; tendency to frame events in a constructive light
  3. Episodic peak experiences
  4. Sense of spiritual involvement
  5. Increased sensitivity to others and self
  6. Tendency to adapt to changing circumstances
  7. Rapid response and recovery of adrenaline system due to repeated challenges

You could say that this is the heart of resilience – our recovery time. It is the time that we find we need to recover our cool, when we experience a shock, which by definition is a surprise. Do we dwell on the shock and find that we remain aroused and stressed and ruminating unproductively and incessantly and so cannot make a sensible decision about what we should do. Or even better how we can make sense of the shock and so we then incorporate the shock into our life story?

Our life story is so important for us and it should have great shocks in it where we do adjust, learn and move on - such that the shocks fit in to the story and we are reminded that we can welcome them however unpleasant they may superficially appear to be.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
Feelbetter Counselling East London

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