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January 12, 2015

I have been reading a book on business development – with a keen eye on my own of course. One of the themes was that as consumers, we are becoming more and more demanding – you could say even as standards, choice and performance are rising.

He tells a very good story – of a request for information he needed from his credit card company. And after they had met this, they asked (as American companies are wont to do) – had they exceeded his expectations. After a short pause he said no – at which point the credit card company lady became quite agitated. The author then said that his expectations had been very high and that the company had met them.

One of the themes of this Newsletter is that we humans will always be dissatisfied – it is how we are and is in fact necessary for our survival. But this means that it is very easy for us to forget just how our everyday world is changing – and mostly for the better. Not only are we healthier, living longer and safer than ever before – the shocking events in Paris notwithstanding, but we have the opportunity to become a little wiser and detached also. Might it be that sometimes we choose to lower our expectations as consumers of goods and services and raise them as human beings?

By the way, the book is by Joe Calloway – Becoming a Category of One.

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