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Ambition can creep up quietly or be very loud
May 12, 2014

I find that for an important subset of my clients, the change that they need is to crystallize their ambition. To be clear what they want – to have an understanding and feel of the destination and to imagine what it will be like when they get there. But of course also to understand that there is no destination – meaning that they will never be in a place after which they can be still and quiet. No, ambition is a direction of travel – which becomes very clear, compelling even.

Now we all will have this but for many of us for most of the time, this direction will be unconscious and barely recognised. What can be so exciting and transformational for some is the realisation that not only does a different path exists, but that it is attainable and it is there waiting.

How clear is the path for you I wonder?

best wishes

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