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Deeply excavating Optimism
September 15, 2014

We are led to believe that there is hard evidence that to be optimistic is good for our emotional health. I think we can all intuitively understand what this might mean. That if we are expecting the best to happen, we will be laying the groundwork for the best to happen. I am certainly a strong believer in this principle in the way I approach my therapy. I know that if I convey a belief in recovery and that this is successfully communicated to my client, then we are already at first base.

But I know also that optimism needs to be grounded and real. And that there is always a risk that optimistic expectations can lose connection with what is real and become an easy alternative to an intelligent and realistic analysis of what is possible. And so the dividing line between optimism and delusion begins to blur.

This is why optimism needs to be excavated deeply so that it is not easily blown away.

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