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getting younger and having fun
August 13, 2012

There is another book of a few years ago that I have been rereading and would like to share something of it with you. It is The Eternal Child by Clive Bromhall. Dated 2004, it’s approach is zoological and evolutionary. It is a theory of evolution, no less and develops ideas from a startling proposition – which is that as a species we are getting younger. We spend more and more time in childhood and our physiology (soft skin, standing upright) retains so much that arose from infancy. We are an infantilised species no less.

This is efficient and seems to be working for us. It means that we can tube it into central London without demanding our space and battling with our fellow passengers. It means that we are creative and playful – as we see every day on our Olympic TV screens right now. So many games and so much healthy and playful competition!

It can explain the existence of permanent women’s breasts (ie outside child rearing) and increasing homosexuality. Bromhall is convincing on all of this.

I have one question. Might we have overdone this infantalising over the past quarter century? Might it help if we were just a little bit more grown up right now?

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
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