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The Best of Times?
March 14, 2016

I came across these two facts the other day. I can’t verify them, but let’s assume they are true. First, a car moving at full speed today emits less pollution than a stationary car in 1970 and in 1969, a TV set cost the equivalent of a month’s wages, while today it is less than two days. I also know that numbers living in poverty worldwide (as defined by the UN) has halved over the past 25 years and, to give just one more example from the super optimists – that over 90% of primary age girls worldwide are now in education (it’s never been higher).

So why are we so resistant to these facts? Go on admit it – you are? Well one reason may be that we are fed a diet of bad news continually and there always seems to be plenty of it. And a tragedy of biblical proportions is being played out now on our TV screens. I am talking of the destruction of a country no less – of Syria and the cruel destruction of lives that this is creating. But maybe that is how human beings should be – focusing on what is wrong – so that we strive towards something better.

Even so, perhaps sometimes we should pause and celebrate what may well be the best of times for the human race.

by Sophia Yasmeen

    A peaceful person never feels insecure. When being with the self is in harmony others are not relied on for a sense of security. Bathe the mind in the warm glow of serene best wishes like you would clean a baby, with such care and the mind will return that strength a 1000 fold. If there is anger heal the self from within at the point of ignition and make the mind serene again. It is fruitless punishing the self, repenting and being cocky with justifications unsettles the mind even further. Do not become a beggar of peace. Peace begins with the self and any external wars merely display the war going on within. The mind is the eternal friend that has been with the self eternally. Even though someone leaves a body and takes another it is the same mind that greets them when their awareness awakes. The mind always remains childlike and returns that which its mother has been giving to her. People think they have eternal soul mates but it's just that another is treating their mind better than they do.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I am happily sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newsletter.

best wishes

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