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A red letter day – my Online Depression Recovery Programme is ready
October 14, 2015

Please excuse this extra email but I have something special to share with you. First, there is my new Feeling Better website. It replicates much of my old site. I do hope you like it.

And second, my new Online Depression Recovery Programme

I am very proud of this. It is the culmination of my work with depressed clients over many years. And already the response to those who have tried it out has been fantastic.

Feel free to sign up to the new list and newsletter I will be starting. Listen to the sample audio and download my Depression Optimist Book.

And if you feel moved to, do let people know about this – anyone who you think might be interested. This online programme emulates what I do in my private one on one practice. And this really helps the large proportion of those who come to me with depression. It really does - as I keep hard evidence of their progress (or not).

There are 28 audios in the programme, organised into five suites. These are Hope & Firefighting, Trauma Release, Relax, Clearing Patterns and Action.

best wishes

Direct Line: 0208 257 0429 Mobile: 07870 104651 Skype: famrichhg

My new Feeling Better website

My new Online Depression Recovery Programme

Depression Optimist Facebook page

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