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Zooming in and out
October 14, 2013

The Human Givens College now runs a workshop on meditation, which is a little disappointing because meditation is so fashionable nowadays amongst therapists (even the NHS sees value in it). But of course meditation or mindfulness is something we can all do and if we do it, we will find ourselves calmer and so more aware of what our emotions are trying to say to us.

This HG course identifies a zooming in and a zooming out part to meditation. Thus there is a zooming in to an awareness of something very small and a zooming out to take in what is very expansive. And it is from both that wisdom and insight is available.

The more you think about it, the more profound and insightful this notion is. That so much of what we do is about focussing in and then standing back. And that we automatically do both but the more we can be aware of it, then surely the better it is.

More next week on this, but here is a question to leave you with. Does the zooming in always come first?

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