Did you know that there is not one model of counselling or psychotherapy that has EVER been shown to be any better than any other?

Just think about it. Not one, amongst all of the hundreds that there are. The evidence on this is unequivocal. Yet you would never know it.

One reason is of course that there are vested interests that would deny it - such as all those in the NHS who push Cognitive Behavioural therapy

But I think that it is much more than that. For it goes against a fundamental and unquestioning assumption of all of us. That there is a best way to do everything, if only we can find it. And the best way to find what the best way is, is to trust the scientists and researchers - because these are the experts.

Just think about the consequences of the experts not knowing. And how might this threaten so much else of the life we lead?

More next week.

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