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The Core Idea
December 15, 2014

I have been writing a proposal and had a need to express what I do – in general terms and I hope clearly. I am sharing it now – because it surely is a statement that should make sense to us all.

The vast majority of us are located somewhere on a spectrum of balance to dysfunction – and our position on this spectrum is never fully fixed.

There are just two key control variables in determining where each of us is on the spectrum and how we are moving along it. These are how well our life is working now (in terms of meeting essential emotional and physical needs) and how well our resources are working to get these needs met. And for most of us for most of the time, it is our emotional resources that are the most important – ie how well we use and can adapt and control our emotional templates (of anger, anxiety, dissatisfaction, pleasure, empathy and so on).

The essence of my approach is therefore straightforward – it is to move people along the spectrum towards greater balance – by healing and strengthening their emotional resources and by helping them use their enhanced resources to better get their essential needs met.

It can be appreciated that these principles apply whether someone is enduring high stress, anxieties and say depressive or addictive behaviours or wishes to attain greater work or personal objectives and performance.

Who could argue with any of that?

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
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