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My Feeling Better Spectrum
February 16, 2015

I have completed a page on my website, which I hope you find is a very nice summary of how we can understand our moods and emotional health (of lack of). I argue for a spectrum between Balance and Dysfunction. You will find the page here Feeling Better Spectrum. I want to thank my good friend Michael for creating the images that bring my ideas to life – even better than I had imagined them.

This is the big idea in outline:


The vast majority of us are located somewhere on a spectrum between the one extreme of balance, resilience and living a life that is working pretty well to the opposite extreme of dysfunction, mental and emotional distress and chronic life crises.

Take a moment to look back on times in your past when your life was either better or worse than it is now. I think you will see that this spectrum idea makes a lot of sense. Were you at a different place on the spectrum?

You will know that your position on this spectrum is never fixed. We are always moving along it – sometimes towards emotional health and sometimes unfortunately in the other direction.

Do you get that sense of momentum and movement?

More next week - when I will show how our Emotions and Needs work together to set where we are on the spectrum at any one time.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson

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