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Attention is how we reframe
June 16, 2014

I have said that all good therapy is about reframing. Well actually it was not me who said it but Ivan Tyrell. But the truth is of course that we should be reframing for ourselves all the time. That this is part of our every day life – as we interact with the environment and experience whatever we experience and with whom we experience it.

You could surely say that this continual and ceaseless reframing is what attention is all about. (This is one of the Human Givens nine essential emotional needs.) That as we healthily give and receive attention from as wide a group as we possibly can, what we are doing is always being open to different way of seeing and processing what is out there.

And this sometimes can be hard as it is so much easier to be certain and hence fixed and rigid.

Where will you find the openness and flexibility today - that will open you to authentically attending and then reframing?

best wishes

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