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Just being There
March 16, 2015


To look at this is enough to relax most of us - blue sky, a gorgeous Mediterranean sea and framed by rock and green vegetation. Just close your eyes and recall a holiday memory that brings back calm and pleasure to you. Be aware of what you are feeling. Where is it located in your body? Stay with it. It is good to know that that feeling is there for you - perhaps whenever you wish.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson

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by Sophia Yasmeen

    Lightness is like hitting a spring of water inside. A sudden break out from the dryness of your normal reactions as you begin to express from within, rather than just responding to what you see outside. It usually happens when you come upon a quality that hasn't been destroyed or jaded by time, something very old and inherent in you that has survived. Most qualities and talents are developed through use, but are also in some way diluted and changed. Lightness is touching what makes you unique, because it has never changed.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I will be sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newletter over the coming months. Enjoy.

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