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Making a fool of yourself
September 16, 2013

I have come across the word Fashar. It is a Middle Eastern word and there really is no Western equivalent in terms of what it means even though we all engage in Fashar, east and west. It is just that we see and process it very differently.

To a western mind Fasher is bullshitting or fantasising or conning or spinning. We are making up and weaving a story and the motivation is somewhat disreputable, for personal gain at the expense of others. And we look to be protected from Fasher by laws and experts who tell us the truth.

But it does not have to be seen that way. Fashar could be seen as something laudable and clever to do. And if it were to be believed by some other poor sucker then that would reflect badly on him and more importantly, it would reflect well on you.

Of course, all of us will feel a sense of shame if we were taken for a ride and if we discover that we have been far too gullible. And because we don’t like that, we want to be protected from it, even if it will mean that we don’t take responsibility for what we are told - if we decide to believe it or not.

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