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Getting your story right
July 16, 2012

I am more than ever convinced that a necessary condition for emotional resilience (though not sufficient alas) is that you can relate to yourself the story of your life, which has progression and learning and where even the bad bits can be put in their place.

What recent work with a number of clients has reminded me is that this story may need an external component. What I mean by this is that the world outside has also to be viewed as progressing and working.

I suppose at its extreme it may mean demonstrating to yourself that the world is not a bad place. And that even if bad things happen and there is cruelty and exploitation – that this does not become the overriding narrative for your life. For if it does then it will be very hard to engage in the world.

In practice this may require a serious reframing effort – for nothing ever is fixed as we process it. We always have a choice in how we do this and what we give our attention to.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
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