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Flying blind in utter confusion
February 17, 2014

It is a self evident truth, that our understanding of what is happening to us, day by day and week by week can best be described as partial or worst as delusional. Indeed this has been a perennial theme of this newsletter. That our processing of what is happening to us, in order to make sufficient sense of it that we act in a way that we need to – is very partial, highly filtered and far away from what might actually be there or what any other living being might be seeing. That is just how it is and it is best that in our quiet moments, we acknowledge it.

But what if there was only confusion - that as you look back to a time previously, you have no idea of it? Just imagine what it might mean! You would be literally flying blind.

It would mean that there was no way in which you could process what had been happening to you, even partially as it would be literally making no sense. It would also mean that when you looked back to that time, there would be nothing there – just a big hole. So, we do need to be grateful that we can filter and file and process – and so make some sense of what I happening to us. Even if we may be dimly aware that our sense of it, might be nonsense.

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