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A child like mind
June 17, 2013

I had reason to talk of this on a couple of occasions this week with clients. One time, it was to introduce the idea of mindfulness and meditation. On the second occasion it was with a frustrated entrepreneur who had a great imagination but could not follow through.

The first client was, as are all of us are, seeing the world through spectacles that had been kept in place for far too long and where the glass was pretty smudged. She saw only what the spectacles expected to see and what she assumed was there. For her to just be quiet and still for a little while every day - and to be curious about what she saw and felt and touched and heard and smelled – that would be so good for her. She could also observe how she was responding to the world day to day and – and wonder why.

But for the entrepreneur – well perhaps he was seeing too much. And that he had to slow down and grow up and narrow his sight lines?

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