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Being free means being ignorant
March 17, 2014

I am a big fan of the idea of freedom. And in working with my clients (and trying to understand and help myself) I see how trapped they can become by their high emotions and habits. I know that the freeing up from these is my main therapeutic purpose in order that they then have the freedom to act in the way they can choose.

But does this cosy notion of mine bear too close scrutiny – even though my guess is that most of you reading it, will be nodding in agreement? I ask because a very disconcerting thought has been presented to me as I meander through Griffin and Tyrell’s exploring consciousness course. It is that to be truly free means being completely ignorant and where there is no connection or understanding to how things might be. For with knowledge, which must mean the capacity to make some sense of what our senses are conveying to us, comes limitation and constraint. It has to be that way.

Does this mean that we have to cultivate our ignorance in order to be free?

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