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Being Safe
September 17, 2012

    Feeling safe is the first call. Without that, all bets are off. And after that, our emotional health is directly related to our sense of autonomy and control. We have to find the freedom to take decisive action in the work we do and the relationships we co-create. And thereby being able to take responsibility for the consequences of that action.

There is research available, that though well known, I have not been able to corroborate – concerning the torture victims of the Argentinean juntas (I believe). It was that those who recovered from the trauma were able to keep some control of their experience even as they were living it. This could mean as little as counting to five to oneself before screaming out.

I have found some studies as to how these victims have been helped and the most arresting talk is of the need to find something that is under the control of the victim – even if it is just safe place to go to in your imagination.

If there is a lesson from these harrowing and shocking reminders of man’s capacity for inhumanity to his fellows, that can serve us to feel a little safer, I would say this. To find resources within us that give us some control, even if only of our imagination and thoughts.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
Feelbetter Counselling East London

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