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Calmness - Perspective - Determination
May 18, 2015

These three words came from a client – Calmness leads to Perspective, which leads to Determination. He understood this because he was experiencing it himself and realising the differences he was feeling, the insights he was having and the changes that were beginning to happen for him.

Now, the words I habitually would use are these: Get arousal down and you can see the bigger picture and reframe and then make better decisions and take more appropriate action to live a life that works.

But do you know what – I think I prefer the formulation of my client? Which do you prefer?

best wishes

Andrew Richardson

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Wild Horse
by Sophia Yasmeen

    Like a wild horse the soul is naturally, imaginative, determined, resilient, stalwart, and astute in difficult places. I became aware of these qualities during the time I had to come face to face with a struggle, a low point in life, an illness, a relationship breakdown, financial ruin…..I thought I was getting lost in the abyss of darkness with no slither of hope of any light shining through. My intellect was poor, old negative habits; the clutter kept reappearing on my mind that effectively weakened my capacity to take control. My mind was simply left on auto pilot.

    Nevertheless every now and then, deep in the thickest of my inner wilderness, I could feel the presence of someone who knew how to stay alive even when the rest of me wanted to give up. I remember a good friend said to me “life never hands out things that you can't handle, how you approach will determine how you come through the other side”

    I slowly started to realise that the only way to tame the wild horse is not by crashing through the woods and yelling at it but by walking quietly into the woods, sit patiently at the base of a tree, become one with the wind and fade into my surroundings. I learned to detach myself from the whole of the wood crasher community… by practicing meditation/ raj yoga and talking to Baba regularly. I begin to realize that I was not my circumstances, but something far greater.

    I noticed that more I associated with people who knew how to sit quietly… at the base of a tree, by the lake, during the darkest time before dawn… my own truth was becoming clearer. In a place like that, I became free to bring in whatever joy I wanted in my life, accepted my own faults, embraced the unknown - knowing that all will be ok in the end.

    There is always light despite of all the darkness, there is love despite all pain, and there is victory despite of all struggles.

Sophia is a beautiful writer and I will be sharing her work in my Feelbetter Newletter over the coming months. Enjoy.

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