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Living ignorantly and well
November 18, 2013

In my previous life as an economic and market forecaster, I needed to have an opinion on pretty well everything that happened in my self appointed and presumed sphere of expertise. Interest rates had gone up because…, Japanese equities are underperforming because…, the Dollar will rise strongly because. And in this I was following in a glorious tradition that would extend all the way from professionals who really were quite insightful and all the way down to remarks made by TV commentators. And all the comments and opinions had one thing in common – that they were provisional, unproven and wrong. And this would be for many reasons – but one above all else being that they would be impossible to test properly and so be falsifiable.

Eventually this did for me and so here I am where I am now – knowing how little I know but being able to test ideas and interventions by seeing the results in the lives of my clients. I still have no real idea why – but I can live more comfortably in my ignorance.

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