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Giving attention to spirit
February 18, 2013

For these few months, I am expanding on the twelve warning signs of Emotional Health that I listed in the 21st January newsletter.

These are the first four and today I am looking at number four

  1. Persistent presence of support networks
  2. Chronic positive expectations; tendency to frame events in a constructive light
  3. Episodic peak experiences
  4. Sense of spiritual involvement

I have pondered this for a little while. I do this from a starting point that I would judge my spiritual involvement right now as pretty low. Not that it was always thus.

This is my answer – for me mainly but I hope for some who will read this. It is that to be able to give one’s attention calmly and curiously to as wide a set of circumstances, spaces, ideas, performance, people and nature opens us to spirit. As spirit is that which is beyond the every day and it is spirit that lifts us all.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
Feelbetter Counselling East London

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