I came across this quote from Anaïs Nin.
We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.

This can speak to us on many levels. Thus it reminds of a truth that we never ever really appreciate - which is that nothing that we perceive through any of our senses which is then processed so that it makes sense to us is anything other than unique to us. This reality has no objective basis in fact and will at the very least be “seen” differently by every other human being on the planet.

That we will always be mistaking our view of the world with the world itself – which is a very liberating realisation because it means that everything that we experience and process can be changed or reframed.

So try this. Be aware of the connection between what you are feeling in response to an experience – say the England Sweden football match (and your interest or otherwise in the match is not relevant). Just stay with that emotion for while and ask yourself how this can ever have been replicated by any other living soul. And then realise that it is our emotional response that defines our deep perception of everything out there.

What of Anaïs Nin? She was a French Cuban writer, an early feminist who lived a very interesting and bohemian life. She died forty years ago.

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