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Doing things
March 18, 2013

For these few months, I am expanding on the twelve warning signs of Emotional Health that I listed in the 21st January newsletter.

These are the first eight and today I am looking at number eight

  1. Persistent presence of support networks
  2. Chronic positive expectations; tendency to frame events in a constructive light
  3. Episodic peak experiences
  4. Sense of spiritual involvement
  5. Increased sensitivity to others and self
  6. Tendency to adapt to changing circumstances
  7. Rapid response and recovery of adrenaline system due to repeated challenges
  8. Increased appetite for physical activity

As some of my readers may know, I am now quite disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. My legs do not work very well, though the rest of me – mind and body still seem in pretty good shape. But what this does mean is that physical activity is hard and is a small part of my life. And being so sedentary, I am putting on weight which further generates physical inactivity and indeed indolence.

But like us all, I adapt and make do. And the more mentally and emotionally stronger I find myself, then the busier I am. That of course creates a virtuous circle and when it is not working, a significant susceptibility to a vicious circle.

For me action is about projects born out of curiosity and love and finding an engagement with the outside world that allows me to sustain a status and so is not physical at all. And of course my clients stretch and challenge me always.

Action always is what humans are about but we find so many ways.

best wishes

Andrew Richardson
Feelbetter Counselling East London

94 Malford Grove, London E18 2DQ

Direct Line: 0208 257 0429 Mobile: 07870 104651 Skype: famrichhg

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